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What Domain Extensions Should be Used for Niche Websites?

After someone finds a great keyword with low competition, they are then faced with the task of finding a great domain name.  As I explained in my previous post about exact match domains, there are a lot of options. Of course its always best if you can get the exact match domain of your keyword [...]

Are Exact Match Domains REALLY that Important?

If you have considered building niche websites in the past at all, you have certainly heard all the chatter about how important exact match domains are.  But are exact match domains REALLY that important?  Are they critical to your success in building niche websites? Well, here is my short answer: If the exact match domain [...]

Update on My iPhone App Business

Okay, so it has been a month or so since I gave any updates on my plans to develop an iPhone app.  As many of you know, I actually ran a poll of sorts and let the readers of this blog vote on which new business venture I should pursue.  The winning idea as you [...]

Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon This Weekend!

On Saturday, June 25th, I will be running in the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon!  I have been training for quite a while and am excited to run the race.  I just thought I’d make a quick post about it so you all know what’s going on with me besides niche websites. As many of [...]

Why is Keyword Research the Most Important and Hardest Part of Building Niche Websites?

Keyword selection is by far the most important activity that you can do when building niche websites.  Keyword research is more important than providing great content, link building, and how your website looks.  All of these things are important aspects of building niche websites, but excellent keyword choice is critical.  You can do everything perfect, [...]

How to Analyze the Top 10 Google Competition for Your Keyword

Understanding how difficult it is to rank in the top 10 of Google for your chosen keyword is probably the most important skill you can acquire when it comes to building niche websites.  Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult skill to learn.  Bar none, picking keywords that are too difficult to rank for are [...]

How to Brainstorm For and Expand Keyword Lists: Video Demo!

Today, I wanted to make a quick video that will show you how to take the ideas I mentioned in a previous post (15 Ways to Brainstorm for Keyword Ideas) and take it one step further.  So in this video, I will give a brief demonstration of how I brainstorm for root keywords using 3 [...]

My First Podcast Interview and Other News

A couple of days ago I was interviewed by Trent Dyrsmid for his Podcast.  This was my very first Podcast interview, and I think it went pretty well!  Trent and I are both passionate about building niche websites, so we dove right in and covered lots of in depth details that I’m sure many of [...]

Search Volume and CPC Criteria of a Winning Keyword

Let me just start off by throwing out a big THANK YOU to everyone!  The warm reception to my first official earnings post last week was appreciated very much.  I expect to make the earnings posts more of a long term thing because of your great feedback – thanks! Today I wanted to go in [...]

Monthly Income Report – May 2011

I have been debating for a month or so whether to start sharing monthly income reports.  On one hand, I know its something that most people like to see because its both inspiring and informative, on the other hand it feels a little odd to share how much money I am making.  However, after discussing [...]

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