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4 Examples of Successful Niche Websites

If you are new to building niche websites (or even if you are more experienced), you are probably interested in seeing some specific examples of successful niche websites. Well, that is what I am going to review today – 4 examples to be exact. Now just to be clear – THESE ARE NOT MY WEBSITES! [...]

General Overview of the Niche Websites Strategy

As I recently discussed, building niche websites is an excellent strategy for 3 main reasons.  Niche sites are in a growing market, they are scalable, and they can generate passive income.  But what I didn’t discuss is exactly what a niche website is, and what the strategy is for building one.  Some of the topics [...]

Why Niche Websites are a Great Business Model

I personally believe that building niche websites is one of the greatest internet marketing business models out there.  When it comes to internet marketing, there are literally hundreds of different ways to go about making money.  As you are probably aware, these can often be very exiting and enticing; however, they can often be difficult [...]

Niche Websites Hub

Welcome to the niche websites hub!  Here you will find links to all the posts on this site that discuss how to build a niche website from start to finish.  This is an ongoing project, so you will continue to see more posts added from time to time that discuss everything you need to know [...]

Get Niche Website Training! For Free?

Okay, I have now had this blog for a couple of months and have yet to make any significant posts on niche websites.  Yes, I did discuss niche ecommerce websites here, but these are really outside my realm of expertise.  Up to this point, I have been posting about possible niche business ideas that I [...]

Can I Really Develop an iPhone App with No Programming Experience?

As I discussed in my last post, I have decided to move forward with developing an iPhone App (rather than a Android app).  I have absolutely no programming experience – I’m just a business guy.  So, is it really possible for someone with no programming experience to develop an iPhone app from the ground up?  [...]

What’s a Better Business? iPhone Apps vs. Android Apps

Over the past couple of days I have been researching the mobile phone app business.  One of the first decisions that I need to make is simply which platform do I want to target.  Do I want to build something on the iOS (Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) or the Android operating system?  Clearly the [...]

My Next Business Venture – Developing a Mobile Phone App!

You have cast your votes, and the voting is now closed!  The idea that most individuals voted for is to see me developing a mobile phone application!  I’m excited to get started on this new niche pursuit and to share what I learn and my results with you each step of the way.  I believe [...]