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Show Me the Money! Google Adsense vs. Amazon Associates

To be honest, I thought my last post would fall on deaf ears.  I figured that nobody would be interested in digging through financial statements and other “boring” analysis of Google Adsense and Clickbank.  But I was so pleasantly surprised with the great response that I have decided to do a Part II of sorts [...]

Where’s the Real Money? Google Adsense vs. Clickbank

Ever since I started to publicly share how I build niche websites and monetize them primarily through Google Adsense, I have received lots of questions.  In fact, many of those questions come from people that want to know if its really possible to earn good money through Google Adsense.  Many of them have read that [...]

Vote for Your Favorite Niche Pursuit!

Voting Closed. The time has finally arrived!  You can now make your “official” voice heard and decide my future over the next few months!  As you can see from the poll above, I have listed several of the options that I have been blogging about in detail over the past few weeks.  Now its up [...]

Niche eCommerce Websites

Alright, I am starting to run out of niche business ideas that I should be considering for this round, so this might be the last one.  However, if you have a great niche idea that you would like me to consider pursuing and blogging about on the website, then submit your business idea right here. [...]

How I Quit My Corporate Job and Became an Internet Entrepreneur

I wanted to take a brief detour from discussing new niche business ideas today and discuss exactly how I was able to quit my full-time corporate job on my own terms.  When I say “on my own terms”, I mean when  I wanted to, how I wanted to, and was able to make a smooth [...]

Niche Lead Generation and Local Affiliate Programs

Before I quit my job last month, I was a business banker at Wells Fargo Bank.  While there, I managed about 250 business clients and their accounts, lending needs, etc.  I found it interesting that over the past few years I started gaining more and more business clients that were internet marketers!  As such I [...]

Is Domain Flipping a Viable Business Opportunity?

I am asking you.  Is domain flipping really a good business opportunity?  I’m not an expert on this subject, but I wanted to discuss the potential for this niche idea in today’s post. You see, this is one of the ideas that was submitted by you, the readers, on my page set up for submitting [...]

Developing a Premium WordPress Plugin

First of all, I just wanted to give a brief update.  Since its my blog, I figure I can do that.  I have been working from home full-time now since March 11th and it has been AMAZING!  I love being at home and working on projects that I enjoy.  I look forward to getting up [...]